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Top Ten Uses
  1. Play to your strengths
    Identifying your individual skill strengths mean you can start to play to them to advance your career development;
  2. Remove your skill blindfold
    Improving your weakest individual skills removes the blindfold to your development and lets you see more career opportunities;
  3. Identify your real training needs
    If you know what individual business skills to improve and how best to improve them then your career can flourish;
  4. Release your development barriers
    Being able to identify the key environmental barriers to your development enables you to start to gradually release them;
  5. Improve your team matching
    Understanding your team strengths means you can match and leverage them to accelerate your career progress;
  6. Improve your work tasks and projects
    Aligning clusters of skills with your work tasks and projects improves the outcomes and adds value to your company;
  7. Leverage community intelligence
    Contributing and taking advantage of community intelligence is a critical career transformation path for you to leverage;
  8. Discover the career development ladder
    To reach the top of the management ladder you need different sets of skills to build rungs to enable you to climb higher;
  9. Manage your progress
    Actively managing your progress gives you a strong career advantage because you can adjust to changing circumstances;
  10. Transform your career outlook
    Competency skills are what get you a job in the first place; business skills are what get you promoted over the medium term.