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About Us

1. History of Business Skill Audits

2. Who is Dr Agatha Wong-Fraser?

3. Business Skills Milestones

Launch of paper-based version of the Business Skills Audit, based on 56 Questions and 8 Reports.

Launch of a software version of the Business Skill Audit, based on 56 Questions and 8 Reports.

Launch of Corporate Productivity Reports to accompany the Individual Skill Reports generated for managers.

Conversion of the software based skills system to an online version for individuals and companies.

Extension in the range of business audits and the reports and tools available to improve skill productivity.

Revamp of the front and back end to the online skills program for universal and international application.

Beta launch of integrated Business Skills DNA system incorporating all the resources for career and business development in one place.

Launch of Version 1.0 of the Business Skills DNA system.

4. Business Skills Vision

The Xsortal Triangle
The Skills DNA is set to become the second Xsortal in a triangle of productivity platforms being built for business.

Skills Xsortal
To become an Xsortal (a one stop shop for development online) the Skills DNA system needs to broaden the availability of Audits, Tools, Resources and Community interaction online.

The Skills DNA system currently focuses on general business audits-resources that cut across different sectors. But there is an unlimited range of different Audit-DNA Systems that can be built. Since, one team cannot build all the audits-resources required, the back end platform will be opened up for Developers to create sector specific solutions.

The Skills DNA system has its own internal resources for every type of Business Skill. It is also developing a complete set of external resources for every skill to create a comprehensive online Library of Skill Resources. Building these Resources will also be opened-up to individual Audit Developers.

Development and Training Tools are essential to get the optimum skill productivity for business use. The Skills DNA Team have already built over 30 applications and integrated them into the system. New Tools are always under development and will also be open to external Developers.

The Skills Community will expand quickly as new regional centres are added; it will also expand quickly in its usefulness to users and training/consultancy providers as new functionality and community options are built-in.

Regional Expansion
The Skills DNA system is universal; subject to translation there is no region of the world where its career and business development system cannot apply. Since it is impossible for a single team to develop world-wide, the opportunity exists to create Regional Partnerships to focus on the setting up and distribution of the system.

Xsortal Integration
Through Regional Expansion the Skills DNA platform can link up different communities in different parts of the world. For example, there is no reason why a business in Hong Kong cannot be discussing and sharing skill development with a company in London.

However, there is another type of integration which is essential for managers and businesses. This is the bringing together the triangle of different types of productivity solution in one place. Through the separate launch of its Xsortal for Productivity Solutions there is already a direct link between Skills and Solutions for managers and businesses to exploit.

This integration will continue to expand and develop into a seamless whole which will offer unparalleled benefits for members and business productivity gains.